Because your neck must work in conjunction with the shoulders perform the massive task of balancing a 12lb object (your head) it’s no wonder issues crop up from time to time. Additionally, stress and chemical stress can also cause issues to arise.

We see this sort of thing all the time. Consult our practice for relief and a prevention program. Chiropractic treatments are good for minor and major neck and shoulder issues.

Sports injuries can happen from overuse, bad form, truama and min-trauma events. Repeated impact on joints, muscles and bones can throw the whole body out of alignment.

Our team cannot only help you return to your sport or activity, but we will equipt you with some common sense approaches to prevention and maintenance.

Headaches are common, but aren’t normal. You don’t have to live with headaches as they aren’t normal. Many people don’t realize that often times headaches stem from spinal bones in the neck that aren’t supporting your head properly. Headaches can be indicative of nerve, muscle and blood supply issues. Part of our process is to test for subluxations (blockages) patterns and to address them through chiropractic treatment.


  • Pinched Nerves
  • Misaligned Vertebrae
  • Severe Spinal Injuries
  • Pregnancy conditions
  • Babies and Childrens’ health
  • Age related conditions
Knee mis-alignment can trigger major pain and discomfort plus restrict mobility. The source of this imbalance can stem from issues with the feet, ankles and arches. If not properly addressed the body may compensate by shifting the pelvic region, hips and sternum, creating further issues.
Chiropractic adjustments and tests can detect these issues and fix them.
Scoliosis is a condition where the spine does not stack and align correctly in the back causing on-going issues and pain. Because this spine curvature patients with this issue may benefit from regualr Chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic can reduce further curviture and increase the spines ability to function properly.

The power that makes the BODY heals the BODY.

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